How We Do It:

Kawartha Cancer Assistance Network is a group of City of Kawartha Lakes residents who are cancer survivors as well as friends and family of those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Many of us have first-hand experience with the high cost of travelling to urban centres for numerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Dear KawarthaCAN

I was to find out with several tests that I had developed a form of throat cancer. Wow, my family and I were shocked to receive such devastating news, like I said, WOW – what a blow. As a long road of treatments were to start from chemo to many radiation treatments, I approached the KawarthaCAN group to see if there would be a chance of assistance to help offset the costs. Without any hesitation they stepped up to the plate to help in any way they could. I am so grateful to KawarthaCAN for being there in all aspects that they could to help myself and my family during our time of ups and downs. I am proud of this group and what they do to help people and families like myself in times of crisis and proud to know them as my extended family.

Lindsay, Ontario

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We provide prepaid gas cards to City of Kawartha Lakes cancer patients who need help with the unexpected out-of-pocket expenses incurred by rural residents travelling to cancer treatments.

When travelling to Oshawa for treatment, a cancer patient from Bobcaygeon requiring 10 chemotherapy sessions will pay about $560.00 in fuel costs; a breast cancer patient from Lindsay receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy can expect to pay $903.00 for gas and a prostate cancer patient travelling from the northern Kawartha area will incur $1,270.00 in fuel costs during the typical 40 radiation sessions.

Ontario Charity # 188139


Together, we can make a difference

Kawartha Cancer Assistance Network

Dear KaawarthaCan 

I received 3 gift cards to help me with my fuel costs traveling from Fenelon Falls area to Toronto for treatments. I have a 6 month old son who is a premie and requires special formula due to a syndrome he has that limits what he can eat. Being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer I had to stop breastfeeding as I had to start chemo. The formula my son needs is very expensive to buy. The help from KawarthaCAN will help me to cover my fuel which will help to be able to afford my sons food. I appreciate all the love and support they have provided for my family and I.
Thank you so very very much!!

I appreciate what you are all doing for our community!!!
Fenlon Falls, Ontario

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Who We Are:

Cash donations are always gratefully accepted.
We always require wool to craft our crocheted and knitted items.
Prize donations of new/unused items for raffles and silent auctions.
Volunteers to knit/crochet our items for sale will be warmly welcomed. Wool and patterns are supplied.


Helping our neighbours with the finacial burden of cancer

How You Can Help:

Our volunteer program “Katies Kaps & More” calls upon the expertise of crocheters, knitters, sewers & other handmade crafters. We specialize in a variety of items such as headwear, chemo sweaters, chemo bottle holders and more. We sell all items donated on our website. 100% of the proceeds from our sales goes to help Kawartha cancer patients.

We also hold several different types of fund-raising events.


To KawarthaCAN

I would like to thank everyone who has had the heart to fundraise to help cancer patients within Kawartha Lakes. The Gas cards I have received to help travel to my appointments have helped out so much.

Thanks so much

Cameron, Ontario 

What We Do:

KawarthaCAN is a non- profit organization that helps residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes with the extra expenses that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Dear KawarthaCAN,
Thank you so much for your overwhelming kindness and support in helping my daughter and our family cope with her cancer diagnosis. I had no idea that KawarthaCAN existed; so I thank you for selecting my daughter to be the recipient of your help. Because of KawarthaCAN, we were able to cover the cost of our many, many drives back and forth to Sick Kids hospital for my daughter to receive her chemotherapy treatments, surgery, radiation treatments at Princess Margaret hospital, and then more chemo. It is absolutely amazing to me the outpouring of support, both financial and emotional, that your organization offers. Thank you again; our community is truly blessed to have such a caring group watching out for those of us dealing with cancer.   

Bobcaygeon, Ontario

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